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Drive revenue and delight your customers

Nobody wants to talk to a machine. BoldChat’s live chat software enhances your customer’s digital experience by extending a helpful human presence. Simply connecting with your customers—where, when and how they want—dramatically increases customer satisfaction and boosts sales. 

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Increase in online conversions

Customers who engage in live chat are 7.5X more likely to convert.


Reduction in transaction cost

Live chat can offset traditional call center volume and customer support costs by up to 80%


Increase in shopping cart size

Customers who engage in live chat spend more money per purchase than those who don’t.

Multi-channel engagement in one easy-to-use tool

BoldChat's live chat software helps companies build loyalty, boost sales and increase operational efficiencies with features and services made for today’s fast-paced world.

Capitalize on pre-sales opportunities

Staffing a retail presence with caring, helpful and empathetic brand ambassadors is proven to generate significantly more sales—and the same is true for a digital presence. Businesses who use BoldChat's live chat software on their websites or mobile applications see increases in conversions, cart size and customer satisfaction.


Deliver brilliant post-sales customer service

Deploying BoldChat immediately takes the pressure off of traditional customer support channels and increases efficiencies in your technical and customer service teams. Simple issues that would normally require a customer to email or call your business can now be resolved in real-time via the web. BoldChat customers have been able to reduce support costs by up to 80%, while significantly improving customer satisfaction. It's no wonder 79% of customers prefer engaging with companies via live chat for instant resolution.


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